Japan Launches World’s First Chocolate Soy Sauce

Japanese company Yuasa Soy Sauce Ltd. worked with chocolate company Tomoé Saveur Co., Ltd. and has recently announced the world’s first chocolate soy sauce: Cacao Jang.

The company’s soy sauce division resides in the small town of Yuasa, the birthplace of soy sauce in Japan.



Cacao Jang is a combination of roasted cacao beans soaked in Yuasa Soy Sauce. The taste is, as expected, a combination of chocolate and soy sauce.

It comes in two types: paste and grain.

Cacao Jang can be used for poultry dishes like duck or chicken, fish, or even curry dishes.

140g Cacao Jang glass jars are priced at 1,620 JPY (~$15.66 USD) for both the paste and grain types. If you reside in Japan, you can order and visit their product page here.
140gのカカオジャンガラスジャーの価格は、ペーストタイプとグレインタイプの両方で1,620円(〜$ 15.66 USD)です。日本にお住まいの場合は、こちらの製品ページ注文してアクセスできます


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